Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Catching Up

This is my first post  this summer and although I am behind on my posts, I have learned a tremendous amount by working with the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

During this first month I have been to many different committee meetings regarding Finance, Transportation, Agriculture and various other meetings. I have been exposed to the legislative process in both the House of Representatives and the NC Senate. I have also been exposed to issues facing the Agriculture of NC, including the outbreak of HPAI (High Path Avian Influenza) in the Midwest US mainly the states of Minnesota and Iowa, that in the future may affect the states thriving poultry industry.  I have also gotten my feet wet with International Trade relations and currently working on a project to expand the exports of North Carolina. I have found that policies both domestically and foreign have strict regulations on the goods that are exported abroad.

Much of this experience has been dedicated to researching and furthering my knowledge in the realm  of public policy, particularly dealing with Agriculture. I now have an in depth understanding of how policy is developed through the legislative process and no one person can implement them alone. To achieve a goal it takes people skills more than any other skill and knowing what makes individuals tick, over having an understanding of the policies themselves. Yes, having an understanding of bills are important but to truly implement your ideas within the bill, people skills and communicating effectively are the most important factors.

I have been exposed to more information than I can possibly take in at one time, but the bits and pieces I do gather will benefit me greatly in the long run. I can see now why its been said the arena of "Policy is like drinking from a fire hydrant".

The general public has no idea what their Representatives and Senators do on a daily basis and from my experience, if they did know, the public might have a new found respect for them considering the grind of holding a political office.

I look forward to what the rest of the summer holds for me and if it is anything like the first month, it will be full of  interesting experiences and an expansion of knowledge particularly for my own benefit.

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